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Leave gravity behind
by Lucrecia Dalt

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Leave gravity behind


Mixtur • Karlheinz Stockhausen
Uhr 13 • Gerhard Narholz Electronic Studio
Scent of Mint • The Residents
Nightbeat 1 • Flanger
Walking Song • Fred Frith
Masquerade • The Legendary Tiger Man
Expectation • Roger Roger
Jupiter • Philippe Manoury
I Can’t Get Started • Perez Prado
Visite du vigile • Miles Davis
Man in the dark seed • Snakefinger
Shadazz (-2st, slow) • Suicide
Myna bird • Eden Ahbez
Svatební Prstýnek feat. El Flecha • Vladimír Popelka
Drei schneewalzer teil iii • Atom ™
Snowblind • Jonny Trunk
Mark sees everything • Andrzej Korzynski
Come in number 51 your time is up • Pink Floyd
White and whiter • Woo
(Extract) Vampyr-Cuadecuc film by Pere Portabella + looped voices
Cosmic Meditation • Moondog

** Lucrecia Dalt says: “¿y usted me puede decir en qué me está convirtiendo?”

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