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Also sprach Zarathustra • Richard Georg Strauss
(perfomed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orquestra)
Telstar • The Tornados
Bendix “The Tomorrow People” • Raymond Scott
Moog shots 17 • Sam Spence
First wave • Elektriktus
“H” friend • Black Devil
Magic fly • Space
Auto lite sta ful [instr] • Raymond Scott
Tunnel 4, red noise • Patrick Vian
Moog shots 11 • Sam Spence
Cadavres en série • Serge Gainsbourg
I hear a new world • Joe Meek & the Blue Men
Heavy plant crossing • John Baker
Sequencial spectrum pt2 • You
Radio galaxia • J.P. Massiera & Bernard Torelli
Rabbits • Tony Carey
Psychic harmonia 2 • Zombie Zombie
Lövverk • Sagor & Swing
Cosmic rays • Bernard Fevre
Walkabout • Throbbing Gristle
The locusts • John Baker
Blade runner (end titles) • Vangelis

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