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Broken Telephone 1
by various

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Broken Telephone


This mixtape was inspired by the game “Broken Telephone” aka “Chinese Whispers”.
We invited people from various places to choose one track for this mixtape.

There was only one rule:
Each participant could listen only to the previous track, in order to make her/his selection.

There were no limitations to music styles or genres, the goal was to create a mosaic of sounds and have fun by listening how this mixtape would end up like.

We hope you ‘ll enjoy!

* Mille mercis to all the participants!
** Many many many many thanks to Mari.cha for doing almost everything!



Wide • Klaus Weiss
//This one is by us : )

Come dance with me • Bohannon
//Emma Jean [Cologne-Germany] | blogmyspace

Night bird • Lavilliers
//Fred Cherry [Perth-Australia] | site, myspace

Maze • Actress
//Black Athena [Athens-Greece] | site, myspace

Choosing love • DJ Sdunkero
//Sassy J [Bern-Switzerland] | site, myspace

Shinobi Theme • Psychic Stewardess
//Fantastikoi Hxoi [Athens-Greece] | blog, myspace

Roundabout • Yes
//L. [Belo Orizonte-Brazil] | site, myspace

Don’t Get Me Started • Fat Camp
//Doozer [Madrid-Spain] | site, myspace

Macumba • Space Machine
//Brennan Green [New York-US] | myspace

Help The Man (Save Ya’ Mix) • Georgie Red
//Experiment Disco [Thessaloniki-Greece] | myspace

Kol Basti • Baris Manco (Baris K edit)
//Baris K. [Istanbul-Turkey] | site, myspace

Try To Relax • Ballin’ Jack
//Christeza [Thessaloniki-Greece] | site

Feelings • Meikbar
//Kez Ym [Shibuya-Japan] | myspace

Chucka-Ja (Get Ready Version) • Adiche
//Secret Circuit [Los Angeles-US] | myspace

Piedra • Concentration
//Mari.cha [Thessaloniki-Greece] | myspace


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