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Born to be mild
by freon

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Born to be mild


You’re Welcome • The Beach Boys
Tone Twilight Zone • Cornelius
Garden Botanum • These Trails
Ce Matin A Fremontel • Emmanuelle Parrenin
Cello Song • The Books
This Is How We Walk On The Moon • Arthur Russell
I’m This I’m That • Moondog
Cheree • Suicide
Hemipode • Amiina
Mn2 • Arrow Tour & Rdl
Wilson Rag • Elizabeth Cotten
Stin Tsulithra • Chimerine Kolimvites
Magari • Bradien
Juan, El Noble Caballero • Moris
Aux Natchitoches • Bee Deshotels
Maria Bethania • Caetano Veloso
Howl My Soul • Medical Mission Sisters
Eleanor Rigby • Third Wave
Loud, Loud, Loud • Aphrodite’s Child
Porpoise Song • The Monkees

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