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by onelittleastronaut

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Tomorrow people • Delia Derbyshire w/ Dudley Simpson, Brian Hodgson, David Vorhaus
Galant(es?) • Encre
Count to down • Gry
What about fish • Hypo & Michiko Kusaki
Gobaith • Sidan
Whispers of winter • Jane Weaver
You make me blue • The Living Sisters
El color del amor • Soledad Miranda
Coming into Los Angeles • Emma Tricca
Lemonade • Cocorosie
Ray • Gry
The dark age of love • This Immortal Coil
A broken flamenco • Matt Elliott
Zakula • Spy F & The Zakulas
Petting Party 1 • The Vampires Of Dartmoore0
Tired and weary traveller • Magpahi
Onna no jyumon • Meiko Kaji
Your grey eyes • Ali Babki
I want your love • The Pussycats
Island of love • Impact Five
The howling song • Matt Elliott

** onelittleastronaut hopes that good planets are still hard to find.

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